no more teams will be accepted. If you have additional players wishing to join your team it will be $35 cash. Please arrive at Mayslacks closer to 2:30pm to ensure we can get them on.






In order to ensure everyone gets to participate in all the games and get on stage to sing, we have a strict limit of 45 teams.  Please try and register your full team at once.  If you can’t, please make sure everyone registers by 11/1/15!

Teams can have 4-7 people/team, however, 5 players is ideal.

Each team member will receive

  • Commemorative T-Shirt to remember the historic event (registration before 11/1/15 only)
  • 2 full pints of great Summit + $3 Specials all day
  • Sing on stage with a live DJ
  • Chance at winning a slew of prizes, Including 3-Month Supply of Summit
  • An unforgettable time with friends:)

Note: When Ordering, please try to order for your full team at once. You can register a team o 4 or 5 players.

If you want a team of 6:

  1. Order your team of 5, “team name”
  2. Come back here, choose the “single player” option
  3. Make sure to note your team name. You now have 6 people on your team
  4. You can have up to 7 players on your team. Have 8? Try 2 teams of 4!


Please note: We will TRY to give everyone the proper shirt size, but the shirts are super slick this year, and in girl sizes too, so show up early to Mayslaks to make sure you get a size; 1st come first served… You will pick up for the entire team at once.

Start a Team or Join a Friend’s Team
Team Name
Shirt Size(s) (ex. 1S, 2M, 2L – also specify G=Guy, L=lady)


Things to Remember/TIPS

    • If friends are registering later please remember to tell them your team name!
    • Shirts only available if ordering before 11/1 (though we’ll TRY to still get you one
    • Dress according to the weather
    • Bring a phone and designate 1 player to manage the photos
    • Don’t race. Instead, take your time, make friends, and solve the puzzels

Having Trouble? shoot us a quick email and we’ll help you out.  Matt (AT)  Thrifty Hipster {DOT} com