What is the Amazing Case?

The Amazing Case is a bar/trivia event started in 2004 by ThriftyHipster & Summit Brewing in St. Anthony Main.  Its a fun, trivia based bar crawl for people that love activity during a day of drinking!  more…>

How Does my Team Score Points?

Their are 3 main scoring categories:

  1. PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT – Clues help you find hidden items or notable landmarks
  2. GAMES – Team rankings for 3 different games throughout the event
  3. EXTRA CREDIT – a small number of points may be earned at each bar by completing a challenge, small trivia, etc.

How does the game work?

Teams meet at the starting point to get their shirts and drink vouchers.  You’ll also collect a little booklet that you can keep track of photo clues, your points, and see the rules, etc.

At each bar, you will be able to check in with a volunteer to collect your photo clues

You will also be faced with a few Games along the way… think Cornhole, Bags, and a favorite; Live Band Karaoke!

What do teams wear?

A T-shirt for each player is provided, however, we also encourage costumes or themes (HINT: Try choosing a costume to go with your presenting song)

What should we bring to the event?

  • A team Camera/phone for taking all of the photos (1 person will check these in at the end)
  • Some $1’s for tipping (all your beers are included for the day)
  • That’s about it! you’ll pick up everything else at the event!

Speaking of songs, what’s up with that?

We’ll announce the band and Karaoke song list a few weeks before the event.  This gives your team plenty of time to get together and practice! Or just wing it if you’re super talented.

I’m a little shy to be on stage singing.

We all are. Luckily for you, we get a beer or 2 in you first.

How do you determine the Winning Team?

Top points from all categories at the end of the day (Photos, Games Points, Extra Credit)

Are spectators allowed at the bars?

Yes! Bring your friends and tell them to cheer you on.

Are there drink specials?

Silly question, it IS a ThriftyHipster event! Really though, this doesn’t concern you; ALL your beer for the day is covered!

How many players per team?

Optimal is 5, however, we accommodate teams of 4-7 players

OK, what if we have more than 7?

Best to split in to 2 teams. This will make it more fun, as you can compete against eachother anyway!

How do we know what our score is?

This year, we’ll be updating scores throughout the day

How will ties be broken?

We’ve only had one tie. Settled in the manner chosen by the other teams.

It’s $35, do I have to buy drinks too?

The $35 covers ALL your beer for the day. Although we’ll have drink specials for friends, shots, etc. The bands, games, beers, t-shirts; its all included. The ONLY other thing you need to bring money for is food and a few $1’s for tipping (this keeps the bars loving you:) Hey, a whole day of fun and beer cheaper than 3 craft cocktails!

How much fun is this going to be?

We’ve had a decade of practice making this a fun and amazing (no pun intended) event