2015 Champs & Event Recap

Thanks to everyone that made it out for the 2015 Amazing Case!

We were blessed with great weather and new friendships; it was the perfect day for a bar crawl.

Although everyone performed Amazingly, with several teams fighting for the top place, the new-comers Hays Baes reigned victorious.



HINT FOR NEXT YEAR… Remember, everything is nearby within a few blocks!


(1) We couldn’t resist a Little Nordeast Minneapolis slang mixed with some new Emojis!


    – The hope was you’d get slang for “poop” was a Deuce… which was also slang for the old 22nd Ave Station bar, “The Deuce Deuce” 


(2) Easy to solve, but not easy to find. You’ll have to keep your eyes open for this handpainted sign/mural. Match the Actor to the Movie to spell out what you’re looking for. (1st letter line 1, 2nd letter line 2, etc…)

ICECREAM – this was a sign hidden behind the Modern Cafe; hard to find I know!


(3) Limerick Time!  Finish the rhyme to find:

We came up here to avoid the bros
We enjoyed good drinks and live shows
On stage was a pro football punter
Playing the music of Robert Hunter
Covering his hit with the Dead, “ _ “

T I G E R   R O S E     (tatoo parlor next to Ritz Theater)


(4) Oh the Humanity! It’s People! It’s People!
Keep your eyes open when drinking to find a spot where Douglas Herrick’s Mythical animal meets Charlton Heston.

Mayslack’s Bar has lots of weird random stuff…. including a Sign for “Soylent Green” and a Jackelope behind the bar!


(5) Who loves Sudoku?!? Solve puzzle, then find this address on University Avenue (minus 20).

ANSWER: 1843 – 20 = 1823 University Avenue


(6) Nordeast Beer History.
This old building must have been built by Gluek!
Even if it’s no longer a bar, Richard Stanek is still giving it the thumbs up!
Find the ancient sign or painting for proof you were there.

In NE, all bars were built by Gluek’s or Grainbelt.  Gluek built brick buildings, so you were looking for old commercial building in the area, made of brick, that also had some reference to a Sheriff. 


(7) Against all odds. What do these 3 photos have in common? Solve it for the next one! (photos of Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Hoffa, and Postal Service)

I was hoping you’d get Jimmy Hoffa (reinforced by Jack) that he represented Unions…. and across from the NE Social is the United States Postal Service Workers Union building.


(8) Old and New. 
They come together here like Fred Astaire and Taco.

Puttin on the Ritz… Ritz Theater!


(9) Science Geeks! These 2 go together. A is Man Made, B is required for life.

OK, this was admittedly hard. I was hoping people would get B (DNA) and then put together PNA… in NE, this is a Polish place though, right on the corner of 4th & 13th.


(10) Bullseye Challenge.  You must complete a full ring of photo finds to score the points.  For example, the outer ring needs ALL 4, so 4 total photos. The Bullseye requires just 1 photo.

This was just a photo… if you chose the outer ring, you needed all 4 photos, if the inner, only the 1.  Most of you stood on your head:)


amazing cae winners

2015 Champs Hays Baes entire team on their heads!

(11) Geography Challenge. Match the Capitol to the country shape.  The one missing the match has some very devout NE immigrant history centered around this building.

The missing country was Russia!  The devout immigrant historic building? Saint Mary’s Ortodox Cathedral


(12) Easy or Hard? Looks like you’re stuck between MoMA and  Rock.

Modern Art/Hard Rock Cafe…. in NE, this could only mean the Modern Cafe.